Fed UP with Rhetoric That Divides Rather Than Unites

Some of you know that I feel strongly about some issues. One of those issues is climate change. My intention in writing today is not to make a political statement, but rather to make a point on rhetoric that pits younger generations against older generations. I am fed up with rhetoric that separates rather than unites us on climate change and other issues of major importance.

Prompted to speak up

I’ve never sent an email to a major political candidate before until a few days ago. Last week, I decided I was tired of talk about how younger people are the ones who really care about climate change and other major issues facing our country. I was also tired of seeing headlines that placed blame on our generation for ‘screwing up’ the environment.

A costly divide

When we are divided, it is more difficult to take a stand against practices that contribute to climate change. I asked myself, “Whose interests are being served when we are divided?”  Certainly, the common good isn’t served.

I sent my email to that major political candidate with some advice. I told the individual that rhetorically excluding people from my generation on the topic of climate change was a mistake.  I shared that my generation knows a thing or two about standing up to power and fighting for issues that matter. I also reminded this politician that those of us who are fifty and over also have more resources to help support causes that are important to us.

A powerful force for change

I believe that younger people offer new hope and different types of knowledge. Many young people also have a great deal of energy and enthusiasm that movements of any consequence require. Working together, we can be a powerful force for change. Divided, we only serve the interests of those few who profit from our inability to work together.

Speaking up

Do I think the target of my email will ever see it? I don’t know. What I do know is that I am unwilling to remain silent. I must speak up.  I share the same belief that many younger people do—we must act today for the benefit of those who follow tomorrow. We must work together for the common good.


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