Inhaling Each Moment, Appreciating Life

Inhaling Each Moment, Appreciating Life


Life has changed. In part, my life has changed because of the pandemic that has affected all of our lives. The larger changes I have made began about 15 months ago when I left a stressful work environment that demanded most of my day-to-day energy; when I wasn’t working, I was living on automatic pilot. Now I’m inhaling each moment with a new appreciation for living.

I do have a schedule—one that I create for myself. I have also given myself deadlines for the work projects that I control. I write a monthly article for an online magazine, I publish a newsletter, and I write at least two blog posts per week for my website. I also participate in more virtual opportunities to learn, to socialize, and to help other adults 50+ live their best lives. In other words, I am doing the work I want to do, when I choose to do it, and how I choose to do it.

Practical Discoveries

Because I am no longer part of the ‘rat race,’ I don’t have to rush through each day. When I go shopping, I can take time to select the best products for my current needs rather than simply grabbing a familiar brand because I’m in such a mad-crazy hurry. That’s how I discovered Magic Eraser Sheets – a practical, cost-saving improvement over the Magic Erasers that I already used and loved. (I actually bought the sheets on Amazon and will reorder more when I run out of the two packages that I purchased.)

When the rains started a couple of months ago and ants found their way into our house, I was tempted to get ant traps as usual or use toxic ant spray as I had in the past. But because I actually had time to do a little research, I discovered a very effective, inexpensive, and non-toxic way to get rid of tiny little ants—peppermint oil. It’s amazing how well the stuff works. I ‘paint’ a little of the oil in areas where I’ve seen ants. From what I can tell, the peppermint draws and drops the ants. (I purchased a large bottle of peppermint oil for only $8.) You might want to do your own reading about peppermint oil as a natural pesticide for ants to see if there are any downsides; I’m no expert.

A Simple Joy

One of my favorite things to do in the spring is to plant my garden and watch it grow. I will probably wait a couple of weeks to plant everything, but in the meantime, I’m watching broccoli seeds in my window turn into edible sprouts for sandwiches and salads. It gives me joy to watch little seeds sprout and develop. They taste wonderful too. I put about a ¼ cup of broccoli seeds (organic, GMO-free) at the bottom of a jar. Then I soaked the seeds for several hours and later rinsed them. I covered the jar with a lid with several small holes in it. Each day, I rinsed the seeds a couple of times until I had sprouts that were ready to harvest. My sprout garden gives me joy.


Thankful for Each Day

I am aware that we are living in uncertain times. I hope that the dire predictions about the corona virus never come to pass. I hope that we don’t end up in a deep recession or even worse. But if we do, we still have each moment and each day to live. Right now, I’m very thankful that I can enjoy each day as it comes.


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