Positive Aging Role Models are Easy to Find

Positive Aging Role Models are Easy to Find

 One of my goals for Boomer Best U is to promote positive aging. What better way to do this than to find examples of people who are living their best lives after fifty?

Feature Articles in the Monthly Newsletter

Today I sent out my 10th monthly Boomer Best U newsletter. In addition to typical newsletter content like announcements or short informational pieces, I include a feature article about someone who embraces positive aging. When I write the feature stories, I either conduct a face-to-face interview or send questions by email. Then I develop a draft of the story that I keep within 800-850 words. Next, I send a draft to the person I interviewed to give them an opportunity to revise or clarify anything they might have shared with me. I also ask them to send three or four pictures that would fit what they shared. Finally, I format the feature article for the newsletter and do my final editing. Writing feature articles is one of the more time-consuming activities that I do each month for the Boomer Best U project. At the same time, these feature articles are immensely rewarding; I feel very honored when people share parts of their lives with me.  Even when I think I know someone fairly well, I always learn something new about them that I find inspiring.

A Community Effort: Reposting Inspiring Articles on the Boomer Best U Facebook Page

Another way I like to promote positive aging is to post articles on the Boomer Best U Facebook Page about older adults living their best lives. Often, someone on Facebook will find a great article and tag me so that I can add it to our home page. Today, someone shared an article about Betty White’s upcoming 98th birthday. Betty White is still active and fully engaged in life. She’s another inspiration. A few months ago, someone shared the story of a 90+ veteran who had retired as a baker but decided he wanted to open his own business. He started a bakery in New Jersey. Someone else shared an article about a woman who had been born into slavery but then learned how to read when she was 116 years old. It’s never too late to inspire others! I found an article about an 82-year-old female bodybuilder who stopped a would-be home invader by clobbering him.

I am thankful for so many wonderful role models. With all the negative media about aging, we all need to remind ourselves that life can be as full and wonderful as we make it. We certainly have plenty of examples as to how to live our best lives now and in the future.


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