Boomer-Friendly Business Recommendations (R) and Listings (L)

*See information below on how to recommend or list businesses on this site. 

Elevate Wealth Advisors was founded by the organization’s president, Ben James, CFA, CFP, ChFC. Ben has worked extensively in the financial management field since 1997. The organization serves the financial needs of businesses, institutions, and individuals. Visit the website for more information and the opportunity to view various resources and tools. The business is physically located at 615 High St. #100, Oregon City, Oregon 97045. (R)

Jasmine’s Catering and Event Center is located at 809 SE Main St., Roseburg, OR. The event center has an elegant place to hold a special anniversary event, wedding, or other celebration. Jasmine’s food preparation is wonderful and her attention to detail is seamless. Check out the vaulted ceilings and stain-glass windows on the web. It’s a Wow! (R)

Platform Online Solutions is a web development service that is located in Roseburg, Oregon but has clients all over the world. I was personally very pleased with the work Josh did for my site. He was also consistent with his communication and could explain things to me in nontechnical terms. He also provided lots of helpful information. (R)

Reustle Prayer Rock Vineyards, 960 Cal Henry Rd., Roseburg, Oregon was recognized as the Wine Press NW’s 2017 NW Winery of the Year. Their award-winning wines are truly impressive. I especially love their Pinot Noir, Syrah, and Sauvignon Blanc. The winery has an Airbnb, lots of events, a wine cave for tasting, and appetizer pairings with tastings. If you want to taste great wine and have a memorable experience, this is a must. (R)

Triple Oak Wine Vault is located at 137 Locust in historic Oakland, Oregon where you can wander around town and visit fun antique shops. The Wine Vault has an airbnb and delightful wines. You can also find art and other items at the Vault. Different events are held throughout the year as well. I love the 2015 Oak Red. (R)

How to recommend or list businesses on this site: 


If you know of a boomer-friendly business located within 25 miles of the I-5 corridor, we’d love to list your recommendation  (R). Just provide a short description of the business (50 words or less) including the type of service it provides and why you like it. Also include the web address and physical address. Email the information to  Include ‘Business Recommendation’ in the subject line or use the form below.

Note: We cannot list services or products that imply stereotypical views of aging such as hearing services, medical braces, assisted living facilities, etc.

If we do not believe the business is consistent with our mission, we retain the right to decline from publishing it on our site. 


If you have a boomer-friendly business within 25 miles of the I-5 corridor, we are happy to list (L) your business free during 2019. We will contact you at the end of the year to see if you’d like to continue your listing. Email the information to  Include ‘Business Listing’ in the subject line or use the form below. 

If your business services or products are not consistent with our mission, we reserve the right to decline listing it on our site. 

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