Positive aging involves informed choices. This blog often offers research-based insights, experiences, and guest opinions.

Rediscovering Life After Retirement

I now take time to sit down and enjoy breakfast with my husband each morning. When I was teaching, we only sat down and ate breakfast together on weekends and during scheduled breaks. Now it is a simple ritual, a simple joy. Sometimes we even linger after eating and watch birds from our dining window feasting on seeds we'd left for them. When I take our dog for a walk around a nearby pond, I want to take in everything I see - the water, the ducks on the pond, the winding paths, the contrasting colors and various textures that…

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Discovering the Freedom to Take Care of Myself!

A lot of what I’ve read about successful aging addresses the need for exercise.  From what I’ve read, exercise can improve our mood, help us maintain a healthy body weight, improve cardiovascular function, and help keep our brains healthy. That all sounds great, but as a pragmatic optimist, I realize there are no guarantees about the future. I also realize that no matter what I do, I am still going to experience many of the typical signs of aging such as slowing down, feeling more aches and pains, having some hearing loss, and changes in my vision, among other physical…

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