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In both the workplace and when working with boomer customers, it is likely ageism is affecting you’re your bottom line in subtle ways. Sixty-five percent (65%) of Boomers believe they have experienced some form of ageism. If you do not address this problem, you will potentially limit the success of your organization or business.

Presentations, Consultations, and Workshops

Paula Marie is an experienced workshop presenter, a keynote speaker, a TEDx speaker, a retired associate professor of communication, and is currently certified as a professional retirement coach.

You can contract with Paula Marie to facilitate workshops for your employees, give presentations, or offer consultations. Areas of interest include:

  • How to Prepare for your Next Best Life After Retiring (workshop to assist employees as they prepare for retirement)
  • What Your Business or Organization Needs to Know about Boomers and How This Knowledge Is Essential for Success
  • How to Improve Your Organizational Culture and Productivity by Improving Communication with Boomers in the Workplace
  • How to Potentially Increase Sales and Repeat Customers by Improving Communication with Boomers

Free 2019 Business Directory Listing

If you already consider your business Boomer-friendly and are located within 25 miles of I-5 on the West Coast, we invite you to submit your business information and link for our 2019 Directory. Listing your business on our directory will be absolutely free during 2019 with no obligation after 2019.

To be included, contact Paula: and provide a brief (50 words or less) description of your business services, explain what makes you Boomer-friendly (e.g., type of service*, discounts, etc.). Examples might include restaurants, lodging, pet lodging and care, wineries and other businesses that offer experiences for Boomers, certified financial planners, educational institutions, etc.

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*We will not list any businesses or services that provide stereotypical age-related products or services such as adult diapers, medications, special equipment, etc. We retain the right to reject any products or services that are not appropriate or do not support a positive view of aging.