2019 October newsletter– Read Kem Todd’s motivating story. Also learn how to jump-start an encore career, discover a new resource for finding a job after 50, and enjoy a touching poem about aging. 

September 2019 newsletter Betty Tamm, owner of Triple Oak Winery, shares her dreams, passion, a major loss, her resilience, and a love of adventure.  

August 2019 newsletter– Learn about a man who is improving lives and the environment while on the move. Enjoy reader contributions, and get latest news.

July 15 2019 newsletter – Our July feature story is about a woman who took early retirement to follow her passion. Now she has some great news to share.

June 2019 Newsletter – Read about a woman says she plans to keep working until she is about 85. Friends from her native country call her a little giant.

May 15 2019 Newsletter – Our feature story this month is about a man who is as passionate about the outdoors as he is about history. You’ll learn about his inspiring adventures and perspectives. 

April 15 2019 Newsletter  – Learn about how one woman artist who is using a powerful form of visual communication to help bridge borders. This story is inspiring.

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