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March 21 Newsletter features a 50+ branding expert, Wendy Marx. Our focus this month is on communication.

February 2021 Newsletter is focused on health and wellness. Our feature story is about Janon Rogers, a businesswoman who is living her passion.

January 2021 Newsletter features a story about how a love of reading and drama became Jillanne Michell’s life’s work. Also, read about brain health and other news.

Updated Dec 2020 Newsletter is focused on the importance of having a positive mindset. Featured this month is Greg Cramer, founder of MarshAnne Landing Winery. His story is inspiring. Also, learn how poetry can benefit us as we age, and discover the secret of being an elder.

November 2020 Newsletter Will you be a growth-oriented or a comfort-oriented retiree? Author Mike Drak explains the difference and why it might matter to you. Also, read about how one woman started a nonprofit to create intergenerational connections. 

October 2020 NewsletterGet advice post-career advice from author and retirement expert, Marianne Oehser. Read about some options after your career, and learn strategies for using your expertise and gaining credibility. 

September 2020 newsletter – Ken Carloni’s sense of purpose developed when he was a young child. He is living his dream. Learn about his journey. 

August 2020 Issue 17Jenny Carloni shares her sense of purpose and discusses her work with The League of Women Voters and her other advocacy work.

July 2020 Issue no. 16 – Ben James, CFA, CFP, shares a way we can get a holistic view of our finances and keep everything in one binder. He offers free workshops and has just published his first book explaining the process that will help you organize your finances. 

June 2020 Issue 15 Gain insights from Reed Dewey’s lifetime work in volunteer engagement and why he became a midlife career coach. 

May 2020 Issue 14 Learn about Melinda Benton’s journalism journey and how her work is making a difference.

April 2020 Issue 13 – Dr. Donna Beegle shares her journey from poverty to recognized authority on how to help others out of poverty. 

March 2020 newsletter Issue 12 Our featured profile is about a woman who has a life-long love of learning. Also articles about free symposiums and workshops, and learn more about the health of Social Security and realities of healthcare costs after sixy-five.

February 2020 newsletter – Gregg Smith shares his journey as a novelist and offers some advice for would-be writers. Discover other resources and information in this February issue.

January 2020 newsletter – Joe Stam offers valuable insights about 50+ workers based on his 30 years as a human resources executive. He also discusses why he created and how it could benefit you. 

December newsletter – Cindy Eastman shares her journey about becoming an entrepreneur, a lover of people, and an outdoor enthusiast. 

November newsletter  – James Hill shares his experiences and insights as a gerontologist and as a field examiner for the V.A. 

2019 October newsletterRead Kem Todd’s motivating story. Also learn how to jump-start an encore career, discover a new resource for finding a job after 50, and enjoy a touching poem about aging. 

September 2019 newsletter Betty Tamm, owner of Triple Oak Winery, shares her dreams, passion, a major loss, her resilience, and a love of adventure.  

August 2019 newsletterLearn about a man who is improving lives and the environment while on the move. Enjoy reader contributions, and get latest news.

July 15 2019 newsletter – Our July feature story is about a woman who took early retirement to follow her passion. Now she has some great news to share.

June 2019 Newsletter – Read about a woman says she plans to keep working until she is about 85. Friends from her native country call her a little giant.

May 15 2019 Newsletter – Our feature story this month is about a man who is as passionate about the outdoors as he is about history. You’ll learn about his inspiring adventures and perspectives. 

April 15 2019 Newsletter  – Learn about how one woman artist who is using a powerful form of visual communication to help bridge borders. This story is inspiring.

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