Positive Aging News


Three Studies Link Optimism with Healthy Aging and Living Longer (September 2019 from Slashgear)

This article describes ways optimism can help us live fuller, healthier lives. The article also explains how anyone can develop an optimistic outlook.

How Optimism May Keep You Alive Longer (January 12, 2020 from Conscious Life News)

Drawn from a recent study, this article explains ways in which an optimistic outlook can help us live longer. As an example, optimism might motivate us to take better care of ourselves and stay engaged in healthy habits. Optimists may also engage more in self-improvement behaviors.

Older Adults Are More Emotionally Stable and Better at Resisting Temptation (March 24, 2020 from News Medical Life Sciences)

A study suggests that older adults tend to become more emotionally stable as they age.

These Are the Best Things About Aging as Voted by People Over 50 (March 13, 2020 from The Good News Network)

Results from a poll of over 2000 older adults revealed the following ‘best things’ about aging:

·        Life experience

·        Being comfortable in your own skin

·        Having a greater sense of gratitude for the smaller things in life

·        Independence and freedom (perhaps related to not being tied down to job or family)

·        Ability to let things go

For Older Adults, Hope May Be Key to Improving Psychological and Social Well-being (February 17, 2020 from Medicalxpress.com)

Older adults with a greater sense of hope are more likely to experience better physical health and social well-being, according to a recent study.

Generating Income as An Older Adult

Career Change Ideas for Boomers (September 2, 2019 from Psychology Today)

This article suggests some career options for older workers.

Home-Based Business Fears Don’t Have to Hold You Back (JohnTararnoff.com)

John Tarnoff, a career transition coach, provides some practical advice for how to stay focused when operating your business from home.  

6 questions to help you figure out where and how to work part-time in retirement (February 13, 2020 from NextAvenue)

Semi-retirement expert and author, Nancy Collamer asks six thought-provoking questions to help readers figure out what kind of work opportunity might be a good fit for individuals who want to continue working- at least to some degree.

Healthy Living

Ways to Make Wellness Work for You in Retirement (March 12, 2020 from Kiplinger’s Report)

Citing a researcher from the Institute for Aging Research at Hebrew Senior Life, this article points out that there are currently no “magic pills” to prevent cognitive decline. However, there are some lifestyle habits that have been proven to slow the rate of decline.

Walk of life: Seniors Who Walk 30 Minutes a Day Cut Risk of Death from Any Cause (March 8, 2020 from WND)

Based on two separate studies, researchers found that older adults were 67% less likely to die from any cause if they exercised moderately for a minimum of 150 minutes a week. Another study found that older women were 38% less likely to die of heart attack, stroke, or other related diseases if they consistently walked from 2100-4500 each day.

How to Make Healthy Lifestyle Changes That Last (February 26, 2020 from PsychCentral)

The author offers six suggestions for making real changes that last. The first suggestion includes making realistic, specific, small, concrete, and measurable short and long-term goals. If you have difficultly sticking with your healthy living goals, this article might be useful.