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Paula Usrey
Paula Usrey, M.S., CPRC

Boomer Best U Mission: To support positive aging in the new longevity era for individuals, communities, workplaces, and marketplaces

As a training and development business, we exist to: 

(1) Provide information, resources, and tools to help individuals 50+ and Baby Boomers (born between 1946-1964) prepare for and live their best lives now and in the future. Services include: Consultations, coaching, and materials. We will be offering workshops and courses in the near future.

(2) Provide information, training, and workshops for communities that serve adults 50+ and are ready to shift to the new longevity era. Services include: Consultations, training, presentations, and workshops.

(3) Offer businesses that serve or employ  50+ individuals and Baby Boomers  with information, resources, and tools to better serve and work with our generation. Services offered include consultations, workshops, employee coaching, and presentations.

(4) Support Marketing efforts to reach the 50+ market. Services include consultations and presentations. 


Boomer Best U Guiding Beliefs:

  • To develop a positive view on aging, it takes an entire community working together. 
  • By supporting positive aging, businesses can signal to all employees and customers that they are valued and welcomed. 
  • Ageism is s systemic problem that ultimately affects everyone.
  • Respecting and supporting others can help us become a stronger community.
  • Older adults have the power to create positive change in our local communities and beyond.
  • Older adults have the potential to live some of their best years now and in the future. 

About Paula

  • Paula retired from teaching speech communication at Umpqua Community College in 2018.
  • Prior to retiring, she spent three years researching retirement transitions, challenges and opportunities.
  • From 2017-2018, Paula was a regular contributor to the online magazine, Sixty & Me.
  • She is a certified professional retirement coach. 
  • Paula has conducted communication workshops all over the United States
  • She has been a conference speaker, an Extraordinary Living Conference keynote speaker, and a TEDx speaker. 
  • Paula’s background also includes experience in public relations, marketing, research, and nonprofit areas.

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