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Paula Usrey
Paula Usrey, M.S., CPRC

Boomer Best U Mission

As a training and development business, we exist to: 

(1) Provide information, resources, and tools to help individuals 50+ and Baby Boomers (born between 1946-1964) prepare for and live their best lives now and in the future. 

(2) Offer businesses that serve or employ Baby Boomers with information, resources, and tools to better serve and work with our generation. Services offered include consultations, workshops, employee coaching, and presentations.

The Story Behind Boomer Best U:

Many of us spend years dreaming about retirement. At some point, we may even double down on our financial strategies so that we can live comfortably after we no longer have a regular paycheck. Yet research suggests few people are prepared for the non-financial aspects of retirement.

Retirement Triggers

For many of us, a ‘retirement trigger’ pushes us to start thinking more seriously about retirement. For some, that push is abrupt such as being forced to retire for health reasons or because of downsizing. For others, reaching a certain age or even experiencing a life-changing event can prompt us to retire.

In 2015, we had a mass shooting on the campus where I taught. At the time, I was in my early sixties. I hunkered underneath my desk during the shooting that took place in the building where my office was located. I survived, but several others didn’t. After that experience, I realized I needed to start making much more concrete plans for my retirement and my next best life.

Building a Framework for Boomer Best U

I started reading everything I could about planning for retirement. I learned that it generally takes about two years to prepare for the nonfinancial aspects of retirement including transitioning from work to something new. 

In 2018, I earned a certification as a professional retirement coach. Preparation for this certification involved a lot of study and opportunities to interview several people who were either preparing for retirement or had recently retired.  This experience taught me two things: (1) Retirement is a major transition for most people, and (2) Most people don’t realize that retirement readiness involves more than financial preparation.

Boomers as Employees and as Consumers

Boomers will continue to make significant contributions in the workplace. Many Baby Boomers plan to work much longer than some of their employers might have anticipated. 

As a generation, Boomers have more discretionary income than any other generation right now. Boomers typically don’t want to be targeted with old age products. And, we especially don’t like being talked to in a dismissive or condescending manner. 


As I continued to study, make observations, and talk with others, I became more aware of the pervasiveness of ageism. A strong majority of Boomers have experienced some form of dismissive treatment related to ageism. This issue should be of concern to every business that has Boomer customers. It should also be of concern to every organization that has Boomer employees.

For all the reasons I have shared, creating Boomer Best U has become my new purpose and passion. In 2018, I registered Boomer Best U as an LLC (Boomer Best U, LLC). I look forward to interacting with you, sharing with you, and learning from you as well.  

Boomer Best U Guiding Beliefs

  • When we take time to create a clear vision and a solid plan, our retirement years really can be some of our best.
  • The retirement period for Boomers could be unprecedented. Some Boomers may need to plan for 30-40 bonus years of living. It is possible for Boomers to experience healthy, satisfying bonus years if they develop the right lifestyle habits.  
  • To experience our best lives, it is important to engage with purpose, to connect with others, to live healthy lives (including diet and exercise), and to keep mentally engaged.
  • New or enjoyable experiences with friends or family may carry more meaning than material things.
  • Embracing life-long learning is important because it allows us to continue growing and adapting to an ever-changing world.
  • Respecting and supporting others can help us become a stronger community.
  • Boomers have the power to create positive change in our local communities and beyond.
  • With appropriate knowledge, businesses can better serve Boomers and can more fully utilize their expertise in the workplace

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